Welcome to our classical Pilates studio!! We are one of the only

classical studios in the area, meaning we teach Pilates

the way Uncle Joe intended! We not only have reformers, but we

also have towers, chairs, ladder barrels, spine correctors, arch

barrels, baby chairs, cadillacs, magic circles, push up device,

and foot correctors!

We are right in the heart of old downtown Mason in a beautiful,

old Victorian house. It's a perfect setting for you to enjoy your

workout from the moment you walk up to our studio door.

Pilates is an exercise designed for men and women of all ages

and body types. Through movement, Pilates strengthens,

stretches and balances each muscle your body making you

stronger and your body more integrated just as it was when you

were a child.

As a mother/daughter team, we opened The PIlates Club to

offer quality private and semi-private (up to two students)

classical instruction. Each body is different and each workout should be designed for

the individual. Wheth
er it be to recover from an injury, help relieve lower back pain, even out abnormalities in the body, or just have a really tough hour of training, we want to help you meet your goals.

After each session at The Pilates Club, we want you to walk out feeling stronger, longer, leaner, and even younger than when you first walked in. Through Pilates you can re-enter the days of childhood. Those days when you didn't have to worry about your figure because you were naturally fit from running around and playing games outside.

Here at The Pilates Club, we invite you to come "play Pilates" with us. Time will fly by as we help you meet and exceed your goals.


The Pilates Club         300 Reading Road, Mason, OH 45040          513-827-1314